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Glørud Design

Innsjø - Double Bent

Innsjø - Double Bent

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Innsjø is the Norwegian word for lake.  Just off the Gunflint Trail in Minnesota's BWCAW, there is a campsite on Long Island Lake that faces west where my wife and I have caught many sunsets.  This paddle is modeled after the paddle I made for her and the paddle that began Glørud.  It also reminds us of Long Island Lake sunsets.

14° Double - Bent Shaft Paddle 
Shaft: Aspen, Cedar, Walnut 
Blade: Aspen, Cedar, Maple, Walnut; fiberglassed blade with resin rock guard to provide strength and durability for all paddling conditions.
Handle: Aspen, Cedar, Walnut

21-22 oz. average weight, based on 50" paddle.

Allow up to 4 weeks lead time before shipping.

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